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SZU Balkan

Activity of SZU in Balkan territory has been provided through direct commercial representation since 2013. SZU Balkan is situated in Beograd, Serbia and offers professional services of testing and certification in terms of conformity assesment of products and services according to EU legislation and helps local companies to enter the european market.

SZU Balkan cooperates closely with serbian testing laboratory Kvalitet located in Niš. Kvalitet a.d. is a Serbian join-stock company, founded in 1981 and accredited by the ATS (Accreditation Body of Serbia), which acts as a testing laboratory and certification body for products. SZU Balkan has established a business relationship between SZU Brno and Kvalitet Niš under the leadership of Mirjana Opačič. Today, real orders and joint approach to heat technology manufacturers in Serbia and the Balkans in general are underway.

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Who can you reach out to?

Mirjana Opacic

Mirjana Opacic

director of SZU Balkan
+381 644 757 621


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