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Heat cost allocators

We are an accredited testing laboratory with focus on testing and verifying the performance parameters of heat cost allocators according to ČSN EN 834 standard. For testing purposes of heat cost allocators our testing laboratory uses fully automated test room, thanks to which we are able to react very easily and promptly to our customers' requirements. The test room is among the most modern ones in Europe and their construction and measuring technologies meet the stringent requirements for accredited test room.

All tests are performed in a closed room according to ČSN EN 442-2, which is used primarily for measuring radiators. Our test station has links to HLK Stuttgart reference laboratory and we are included in the list of the notified bodies that underwent the RRT covered by SG03-WG1 work group. We therefore meet all the requirements of the following articles of the standards: EN 442-2:2014 Annex J, EN 442-2:2014 Annex I.

Offered services

Our testing laboratory allows us to perform a complete range of all tests according to the following requirements of the ČSN EN 834 standard (Heat cost allocators for the determination of the consumption of room heating radiators - Appliances with electrical energy supply)

The portfolio of our services also includes various ancillary services, with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive package that contains everything that is necessary for placing a product on the European market:

Certification marks for higher competitiveness

Our Heat Cost Allocators Test Station has been included amongst the prestigious accredited test laboratories approved by DIN CERTCO (Reg. No. PL271). Our test reports can therefore be used to obtain this certification mark of quality. Marking your products with DIN CERTCO marks will enhance their credibility not only on the European market but also on the other markets worldwide.

We also offer you our own SZU certification mark. Thanks to this mark, your customers, clients or organizations will see at a glance that your product meets all the criteria of the relevant legislation or that the parameters have been verified by an independent third party and their veracity is guaranteed.




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Jakub Dohnal

Jakub Dohnal

Heating Elements Specialist
+420 541 120 458
+420 727 902 870

Josef Jelínek

Josef Jelínek

Specialist in the Department Indicators
+420 541 120 436
+420 722 184 125


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