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The gate of Persia slowly opens also for SZU


SZU followed-up on its previous activities and enterprise mission in 2015 and for the second time participated in the commercial mission to Iran, this time led by Vice-President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce – Mr Bořivoj Minář.

In this year's mission, organised under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, SZU was represented by Michal Dvořáček, Head of Foreign Cooperation, who together with 14 representatives of Czech companies left for the Iranian capital Teheran and Shiraz (700 km south of Teheran) for a five-day visit to hold talks with Iranian counterparts on the possibilities of a new trade cooperation.

One of the main actions was an Iranian-Czech business forum, organised by the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture (ICCIMA), the largest business organisation in the country (250 000 members) It was an opportunity to hold meetings with tens of Iranian companies, who showed interest in establishing business contacts with Czech companies, SZU not excepting.

The key point of the mission was the meeting with our agent, Soroush Arvand, who recently obtained new premises in the centre of Teheran, where he leads the team of about ten colleagues. Due to his activities during the last two years, SZU's visibility on Iranian market greatly improved and our agent is at present finishing the preparation of the first real contracts for Iranian companies.

Business forum and bilateral talks between Czech and Iranian companies also took place in Shiraz, the economical centre of the country's south. During the delegation's stay in Shiraz, the industrial zone in the vicinity of the town was visited and bilateral talks with the interested parties of Iranian entrepreneurs were held at the premises of the local Chamber of Commerce.

The country with eighty millions of population offers a considerable potential. We firmly believe that also SZU will spread its reputation into this near-east country, with which there used to be a close trade exchange already in the times of the pre-war Czechoslovakia. Since the relaxation of anti-Iranian sanctions numerous delegations from European countries have visited Iran. For instance, two years ago the French signed contracts worth 400 billion Czech Crowns, and there are now branches of tens of large German companies in Iran.


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