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Consortium of Korean companies at SZU

SZU hosted a consortium of Korean companies led by S-Fuecell, a leading hydrogen fuel cell development and production company.    

On 7 to 9 February 2023, SZU has become the meeting place of a consortium of Korean companies led by S-Fuelcell, Dong-A Fuelcell and other representatives of the Korean professional public.

In addition to the aforementioned hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers, experts from the Korea Institute of Energy Research, Dongguk University and Kyungpook National University also participated in the meeting. These negotiations took place in connection with the long-term tests of fuel cells at the Engineering Test Institute (SZU), which also subsequently assessed the conformity of these cogeneration units for the EU single market.

During the meetings of the members of the consortium, our Institute presented our services to all the experts from the consortium and introduced them to the tradition and current range of our services being offered not only on the European market.

An integral part of activities of the Korean consortium at SZU was also a meeting with the Czech company Hutira, which took place thanks to the excellent cooperation between SZU and RHK (Regional Chamber of Commerce) in Brno.

The Hutira company is a dynamic company that offers comprehensive solutions in a number of fields, and on the Czech market it focuses mainly on the production of regulation equipment and technologies for efficient water management, as well as distribution of gas and water products. Our Korean partners particularly appreciated the gas section of the Hutira company focused on the treatment of biogas into biomethane and its subsequent use. Our special thanks belong to Mr. Radek Kundrata from the HUTIRA s.r.o. Top Management, as well as to Ms. Monica Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas specializing, within the HUTIRA brand, in technology for the production and injection of biomethane, for their kind reception of the entire Korean delegation at the headquarters of their company in Brno, as well as for the very professional presentation and discussion of potential opportunities for further cooperation in gas and hydrogen areas.

Mr. Chan Choi, a representative of our Korean partner SZU Korea, who was personally present at SZU in Brno, provided invaluable assistance during all the meetings, including excellent interpreting services.


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