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SZU started to act as a certification body in the process of granting the MCS mark


SZU follows in a recently published information, the main aim of which was to officially announce that our Institute operates as a laboratory accredited within the MCS certification system.

This information is now being further clarified, namely in the sense that SZU was not only recognized as an accredited laboratory which can perform the necessary tests according to relevant product standards, but that it was also approved as a certification body holding the relevant authority to conclude a sub-licence with its clients (generally with manufacturers) in order the MCS mark be granted and used. This certification mark applies to the entire territory of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

SZU further informs hereby that it has just completed the practical certification process of granting the MCS mark to the first two customers of SZU, which are Czech manufacturers of biomass boilers: BENEKOVterm and PONASTcompanies.


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